The PTC's goal is simple: complement the school curriculum with opportunities for parents and teachers, while providing a safe environment for our students to learn, socialize, communicate & grow. Our success can be seen in our student's appreciation for their school, their teachers and the opportunities they have been provided

About us

The Lily Lake PTC is dedicated to serving our teachers, students and school. Our goal is to provide timely, practical information and act as a communication vehicle between parents and teachers. As part of that process, we raise and provide funds for classrooms, technology enhancements and fun family events.

Our meetings are always open to share ideas and develop new projects

Heather McGowan
Co-President, Heather McGowan

Sheila Gorman
Co-Vice President, Sheila Gorman

Tim Baird

Treasurer, Tim Baird

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Website Development, Adam Samuelian
Website / Facebook Content, Sheila Gorman

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