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This is the third annual Fit-N-Fun Run at Lily Lake Grade School. The Fit-N-Fun Run is styled like a walkathon where friends, relatives and co-workers sponsor our students as they jog around our outdoor track. Each student or family asks sponsors to donate money for the Fun-Run. Proceeds from the Fun-Run will provide a significant portion of the Lily Lake Grade School 2013 “Technology” Goal and to help upkeep current programs.


All pledges are one-time donations, and are tax deductible. Thank you for your support!


Lily Lake Grade School is a 501(c)3, Tax ID # 03-0589298

Description Amount
Runner Level Flat Donation $100.00

 Lap Level Flat Donation  $50.00

Flat Donation $25.00

Flat Donation  $15.00

Flat Donation  $10.00

Student T-Shirt Purchase  $10.00

Adult T-Shirt Purchase  $15.00

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